our products

With so many brands out there, and many options available, how do you decide what brand, model, size to go? NII can help you plan, scope, implement, and maintain the hardware and service needed to keep your infrastructure up and running at all times.

We carry brands that that range from SME to Enterprise. Whether your concern is to be cost effective, or reliability, NII has products that will fit perfectly to your requirements.

Protecting attacks from external forces is no longer enough. More and more instances of data breaches that are happening are increasingly being traced back to company insider leaking information, whether intentionally, or unknowingly. NII carries products that give you visibility and full audit trail, to help you track, and prevent leaks while it happens.

Whether you’re looking for security for the gateway, security for the desktop, we got products that cover them both. Among these products are Firewall, Endpoint Security, Data Loss Prevention products.

We offer a wide variety of brands that will fit your every need.