Our Solutions

We are offering the following Solutions

Enterprise Security Solutions

We at Next Innovation, Inc. have provided high end hardware solutions to our clients to ensure that their data is stored securely and backed-up automatically, websites are up and running round the clock and employees have the latest and best software to work with.

IT Infrastructure Solutions

We are well aware that IT security is of the utmost importance to any company. However, companies also have to expand globally and build relationships with partners, which require them to have open networks of communication that are often vulnerable to attack. We boast of highly experienced IT and network security specialists who will make sure that your IT infrastructure is completely secure

Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions

Deskera ERP is easy-to-use accounting software that facilitates recording and processing of different financial transactions and processes. From invoices and purchase orders to inventory and receipts, this platform provides a quick and efficient way to manage your business processes. Deskera ERP is approved by the Singapore IRAS Board.

Enterprise Network Solutions

Organizations require flexible network infrastructure to ensure business agility and provide competitive advantage. We have products optimized for their specific roles in an end-to end networking environment that can provide far higher levels of performance, utilization, availability, and simplicity than traditional architectures.